The staff at the Enric Pintado dental clinic form a team of the highest standard. They are all outstanding, prestigious professionals within their different specialities, assuring our patients personalised medical attention of excellence.

Dr. Enric Pintado

Specialist in surgery and prosthesis

Dra. Olga Del Moral

Specialist in endodontic and conservative dentistry

Dra. Henar Pulido

Specialist in surgery, prosthesis and conservative dentistry

Dra. Marta Dal Monte

Specialist in periodontics

Dra. Ma Lluïsa Tobella

Specialist in orthodontics

Dra. Meritxell Soler

General dentist

Anna Purtí

Dental hygienist – Assistant

Eva Roma

Dental hygienist – Assistant

Anna Marie Lacerona

Dental hygienist – Assistant

Cristina Garcia

Dental hygienist – Assistant

Aurèlia Padrós


Anna Martín


Mercè Revilla